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Customer Record Update
Persuant to Anti Money Laundering Act 2006, All Customers are required to update their account records to fulfill the requirement of this Act. Customers who have not updated their account records can download "Customer Record Update Form" and fill it before submitting it to a nearest branch, Click here to Download the form

News & Events

Tanzania Postal Bank Builds Classroom in Mpwapwa Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB) has built two classrooms and a staff room for Chunyu village in Mpwapwa district. The classrooms which will cater for students of a new school called Msejelele primary school, will be used by 390 students living around the area.....readmore...
TPB Renovates Latrines for Kipampa Primary School in Kigoma
TPB has donated Tsh million for the renovation of latrines for Kipampa Primary school in Kigoma. The school also received two (2) water storage tanks that will ensure that the school has adequate and reliable water supply all the time. The renovated latrines and water tanks were officially handed over to the school by the CEO Sabasaba Moshingi ....readmore...


Star TV on the morning talk show program “Tuongee Asubuhi

Foreign Exchange

RATE | Buying |Selling
 USD 1,664.00 1,714.00


GBP 2,596.00 2,804.00
KES 16.00 20.00
UGX 0.58 0.69
ZAR  143.00 164.00

        Date: 20th OCTOBER 2014

Press Release