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Customer Record Update
Persuant to Anti Money Laundering Act 2006, All Customers are required to update their account records to fulfill the requirement of this Act. Customers who have not updated their account records can download "Customer Record Update Form" and fill it before submitting it to a nearest branch, Click here to Download the form

News & Events

TPB Donates 5 Million To ZSSF
TPB has donated 5m/- to Zanzibar Social Security Fund ( ZSSF), to enable the pension Institute hold its annual stakeholders meeting successfully. ZSSF is the only pension fund operating in Zanzibar, and had partnered with TPB last year to offer loans to its pensioners (Wastaafu Loan)..readmore...

TPB Announces 2014 Financial Performance
TPB’s profitability level has crossed the ten billion mark, after it increased by almost 50% since the institution was established some two decades ago. The bank made a historic profit of pre-tax profit of 10.28bn/- in 2014, well above 6.99bn/- recorded in 2013....readmore...


Star TV on the morning talk show program “Tuongee Asubuhi

Foreign Exchange

RATE | Buying |Selling
USD 1,975.00 2,045.00
EUR 2,232.00 2,394.00
GBP 3093.00 3,286.00
KES 18.00 22.00
UGX 0.58 0.72
ZAR  153.00 168.00

          Date: 15th May 2015

Press Release